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Houghton Motors – Diagnostic Test

Problems with your vehicle and warning lights on your dashboard?

At Houghton motors, we have the latest equipment to provide our customers with van and car diagnostic tests and fault code reading. We have the latest diagnostic software that links with any make or model of vehicle, making sure that we can handle any issues our customers in Houghton Regis, Dunstable and surrounding areas have with their vehicle.

Warning lights appearing on your dashboard?

Whichever warning lights have appeared on your dash, we know that we have the solution for you at Houghton Motors. We understand that when you need someone who can take a look at your diagnostic for you, you need a team who can not only to work to your requirements, but also someone who can do the job for a price you can afford.

Building up a reputation of providing affordable and reliable services in the area, we at Houghton Motors promise to provide our customers with as much value as possible when getting their repairs. We’ll never do any work without approval, always providing upfront prices and explanations. We care about what we do, and that means we’ll take care of your vehicle in the best possible way.

Expert fault code reading and diagnostics

During our diagnostic test, if any fault codes are identified we’ll contact you about the repairs. Once you’re happy for us to go ahead, we’ll make sure that the faults are repaired and your car is back up and running in no time. Warning lights go out, and you can be back on the road!

Our fault code scanners link up to your cars’ computer which detects faults within the cables, fluid levels and anything else that might be going on in the engine bay. It then detects any fault codes, which our expert mechanics translate and identify where repairs are needed. This diagnostic test means that we can accurately and efficiently find out minor repairs when they’re needed and get them seen to as soon as possible avoiding major repairs in the future and expensive bills.

Book your diagnostic test with Houghton Motors

If you would like to find out what we can do for you or if you would like to find out how we could help then all you have to do is give us a quick call and our team will get out our top of the range diagnostic equipment to try and solve the issue. Book online for your diagnostic test today if your car is showing warning lights on your dashboard. Save money by bringing your vehicle to Houghton Motors as soon as faults are identified; minor repairs cost a lot less than major damage. We’ll always make sure you’re only getting repairs that are necessary and we’ll communicate with you every step of the way.

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